The Fairfax County Police Department was the first in the nation to be granted a charter to operate units of the Public Safety Cadets organization.  Public Safety Cadets is a national organization that partners with law enforcement agencies to provide leadership, ethics, and career preparation training to young people 14-21 years old with an interest in a career in law enforcement.  Fairfax County operates three units of Public Safety Cadets in three different locations with police officers serving as mentors.  

Unit 1742 is based at the Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy, Unit 2252 is based at West Potomac High School, and Unit 505 is based at Annandale High School. Public Safety Cadets allows the FCPD to conduct important youth outreach and recruitment of local young adults to one day fill our ranks. 

 Key benefits of the Public Safety Cadets include:

  • National Events and Career Skills Competition
  • National Leadership Development Academy
  • Hands-on experience and awareness of the criminal justice system
  • Basic, advanced, and specialized law enforcement training
  • Ride Along program
  • Develop high personal standards of performance and personal conduct
  • Develop self-discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills
  • Building a recruitment pipeline and pathway for employment
  • Liability Insurance and Supplemental Accident Insurance

Yearly Dues: $50

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